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Business Foundations and 1% tweaks

After my mighty pies loss in the AFL Grand Final, I couldn’t help but reminisce from the last time we won a premiership (2010) and wish it we could have held on the last 5 mins of the game. couldn’t help but also reminisce about my career.

From the beginning i started providing personal advice, from your accumulators (ages 18 to 55) all the way through to pre and post retirement (age 55 and above). The basic and the foundations that create wealth and make the personal world go round is the same every-time CASHFLOW, CASHFLOW, CASHFLOW, this is a simple scope of conversation and is what drives opportunities and a chance to meet your goals, this is what should be the start to every financial conversation. The method is simple Saving first then spending not the other way around, spend and then maybe save.

Fast forward my career to now giving advice to business owners/company directors and the same basics and foundations of our conversations still apply. Even if you are dealing with dealing with multiple directors, company wouldn’t be anything without the foundations. Its like building a house without a slab, it would just start sinking to the ground and suffer

The concept of saving first for either quarterly tax payments, employee wages, stock, rent, loan payments or most importantly PROFIT, still is the start to all conversations.

When seeing companies apply the method of SAVING first, enables them to innovate, investment and stay relevant in current markets, this one thing i see successful companies have the competitive advantage, its the 1% tweaks that can really make all that difference to a companies bottom line.

Understanding its not easy to achieve with constant pressures of running a business daily, the use of technology and the increasing competition in all industries, makes things tough.

Though like anything you just need to have a positive mindset and concentrate on the method, as time goes by it becomes easier and is inbuilt in the culture and DNA of the company.

From your favorite Collingwood supporter